Logo Download

The new Neighbourhood Watch logo is now freely available for all NHW Members to use from 22nd February 2017.

Please read the brand guidelines below before using the logo.

The end date for the procurement of NW items and print materials using the old logo is 31st March 2017. No newly produced items should use the old logo with effect from 1st April 2017.

Any existing membership licences regarding the old logo, are no longer valid. The new logo/branding supersedes any previous agreements.

You can continue to use up old stocks, and leave existing signs in place beyond 1st April 2017 – you do not need to replace them until they are in need of replacement, at which point they should be replaced with the new logo signage.

Please remember that the brand of Neighbourhood Watch is registered, and as such, it should be used with integrity.

If you are in any doubt about the use, please do feel free to contact us at: enquiries@ourwatch.org.uk

Supplier Guidelines

If you are a supplier who produces NHWN merchandise and signs you will not be able to use the old style logo after 31st March 2017

For a supplier to become a recognised NWN Supplier, and have a link to your business though our website, and be able to use our roundel on your advertising, you will need to send an application to us directly.

An application to be a Licenced Print Supplier attracts an initial administration charge and fee of £595 (plus VAT) with an annual fee of £495 (plus VAT) payable in advance each sequential year.

Key Points:

The roundel can be reduced below the originally stated 40mm diameter, to “As small as the words are clearly legible”

The restriction of the website use of the roundel, only applies to websites that do not belong to a NW scheme/association/linked Police Force

Schemes can use the roundel on their Social Media page

No licences are required for purchasing the signs, or local authority erecting them. It is however expected that these actions are instigated by the schemes.

The signs can be ordered from any preferred supplier and/or council/police print room.

Registered print suppliers have paid for a licence, and signed an agreement to adhere to Brand Guidelines. These suppliers are able to advertise NW products.
Non registered suppliers are not.

A Police Force is considered to be a “Supplier” and can register at no cost.

For print ready artwork (eg banners) please contact NHWN and we can send that to you.

A registered Police Force (and respective PCCs) may use the logo in line with the Force Area Associations wishes.

If a constituted Force Area Association is still to be established, or indeed in “steering group” phase, working alongside the support team at NHWN, a Police Force (and respective PCCs) with active Neighbourhood Watch volunteers can use the logo on relative crime prevention flyers, and relevant website pages. This is to enable and encourage growth and support to the NW Volunteers and indeed to the Police who are working alongside the newly emerging schemes and Association Steering Groups.