Be a Multi Scheme Administrator (MSA)

What is an MSA?

An MSA is a “Multi Scheme Administrator” and simply put is an Administrator who can access a more complex set of scheme management tools in order to manage more than one single scheme. You may refer to these people as “Area Coordinators” or, in your area they may already be called Coordinators.

An MSA can be given access on the system to any geographical area that they are authorised by the local registered Neighbourhood Watch Association to access. This could be an area of a few miles or the entire Force Area.

MSAs can add schemes, introduce newly registered users to schemes, produce reports, manage scheme maps and see an overview of their entire authorised area.

The unique data sharing access means that the MSA role is one of great responsibility, must not be entered onto lightly and will enable you to reach out to new potential members far easier than ever before. It also means that the work you do to manage the database and correct out-of-date data will directly assist the police to manage the database and deliver important messages to people effectively.

How much time will it take?

The role is voluntary and you can give as much time as you feel able based on your circumstances. However, you will receive training and support and in order to perform the role effectively it is expected that you will log in at least on a weekly basis (holidays allowing). Some MSAs manage ten minutes most weeks, others have been known to work on the system for up to 40 hours a week (it can be addictive).

What are the general tasks performed by an MSA?

  • Correct Comms Issues and Incommunicados
  • Identify schemes within your area that have not been mapped.
  • Identify schemes within your area that do not have a coordinator registered on the system.
  • Approve schemes within your area
  • Deal with user queries
  • How to apply for MSA access

    The MSA role is entirely voluntary and may require some form of police vetting. No payment is charged or made for time you contribute but training and travel (to training) expenses may be provided.

    If you are interested in this role please review the Access agreement and Rules & conventions documents by clicking the links below. You will need to print, sign and return the documents as explained on them.

    Learn more and apply for training

    We have created a step by step guide to applying for MSA access which provides further information and enables you to apply for free training (where available).

    Please follow this link to learn more and apply for free training.

    Find out what is involved by watching our MSA Experience video: Click here to view

Already a MSA?

Click here to access the MSA Alert training manual which provides a step by step guide of how to navigate through the system and use available tools and resources.