Involving Junior Members in Neighbourhood Watch

Describe your best practice
Meadow Road Neighbourhood Watch in Derbyshire are currently in the process of setting up a sub-group called Junior NW for our young people on the road.

What did you do and why?
We hope to get the children to design a Junior NW logo and badges, along with some stationary. We hope to encourage our children to take an active part in improving their community by respecting their home and property, that of their neighbours and that of those around them.

We would like to offer a Cycle security scheme for the children on the street and have made an application to Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner’s Innovation Fund for a grant to purchase some cycle locks for use in sheds etc to prevent theft.

Duration of the project

What worked well?
Project appears to be well received so far.

How did you overcome any challenges?

How did you cover any costs?
Applied for an Innovation Grant from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Which main category does this fall into?

Force/ Borough area

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