Volunteer Centres

Your local volunteer centre (or website, if there is not a physical centre) can be a great hub of resources, funding advice, and free or cheap training. To find out the closest one to you visit: www.ncvo.org.uk/ncvo-volunteering/find-a-volunteer-centre

NCVO Know How Nonprofit

This is a great website containing lots of useful information, advice and resources to help with setting up your group, running it, and different types of fundraising support, including templates and FAQs. Visit: https://knowhow.ncvo.org.uk/

Don’t worry – as a charitable group, rather than a registered charity, some areas will not apply. This is a site to support you, not a checklist for everything you must to do!

Council eNewsletters

Sign up to your council eNewsletter. Not only will it keep you in touch with local community events and happenings, but they often list local grants available.