Background to Thank You project

The country has been waiting to come out of full lockdown. Things are still not back to the original ‘normal’. Our lives and our routines and feelings are different. Our communities are different.  

The lockdown may have brought its challenges but we have noticed: -

  • a strengthening of community relationships
  • better contact between elderly residents and younger people established
  • increase pride in the local community or area
  • more effort to get to know our neighbours
  • formulation of a newfound resilience
  • increased communications between neighbours (Facebook and WhatsApp groups)
  • improved professional partnership working across England and Wales

Members of Neighbourhood Watch who engaged in community volunteering during lockdown experienced

  • The need to have a sense of purpose
  • The need to engage actively with community members
  • The need to feel valued

The many thousands of volunteers, who have supported those who were elderly, vulnerable, and isolated, have made a huge difference to the wellbeing in our communities.  We, at Neighbourhood Watch Network and with support of our volunteers, have looked at how we can capture their volunteering enthusiasm and harness their energy and efforts and thank them for their hard work. 

Cheryl Spruce, Head of Membership and Community Engagement, Neighbourhood Watch Network


The project

We are simply proposing to say “Thank you” to all those wonderful individuals, groups and communities that have looked after us and continue to do so and to be able to signpost them to opportunities in our local networks.

We have prepared several social media posts for you to send out using your platforms, mainly Facebook and Twitter.  The reason to focus on these two platforms, is because many community groups, mutual aid groups, volunteers used these during the pandemic to recruit and post their messaging on.

Download our Thank You campaign pack

What we ask of you is that you post these graphics, with the suggested wording, across your networks and platforms, so that our unified message of thanks reaches as many people as possible.

If you aren’t on social media, this is okay too, just send the message of thanks via your messaging platforms, emails etc.

The “Thank You” covers five main aspects

  • Generalised thank you for volunteering
  • Thank you for looking after our communities
  • Thank you for looking after our wellbeing
  • We are in it for the long haul – acknowledging that the pandemic continues
  • Consider volunteering in the future