Perimeter (fences and walls, gardens, garages, outbuildings)

  • Is the area around the house free from ‘tools’ that an offender could use – ie bricks, rubble, ladders, garden equipment? Yes

  • Are sheds/garages/outbuildings locked at all times? Yes

  • Does the perimeter to the front of the house allow good surveillance from the road? Yes

  • Is there any packaging from expensive items lent up against or poking out of bins – ie from laptops, tablets, phones, games consoles? No

  • Are vehicles at the premises secured when not in use? Yes

  • Are items always removed from vehicles when they are not in use – ie laptops, tools, shopping bags, boxes, sat-navs, cash? Yes

  • If you have a garage, is it used to secure the vehicle(s) in, as opposed to being used as a storage space? Yes

Shell (main building, locks, spare keys, alarms)

  • Are spare keys left in accessible places – ie under a plant pot, doormat or stone? No

  • Are ground-floor and accessible windows closed and locked? Yes

  • If you have euro-cylinder locks on your uPVC doors, do they meet TS 007 (3 star) or Sold Secure Diamond Standard (SS312)? Yes

  • If there is a burglar alarm is it always used? Yes

Interior (high-value items, keys, timed lighting)

  • Are doors kept locked with the keys removed, kept out of sight/reach, but to hand in case of emergency? Yes

  • Does the occupier use timer switches and/or a fake TV unit when leaving the house unoccupied? Yes

  • Are attractive items such as jewellery, car keys, laptops, iPads, cash and phones kept out of sight? Yes

  • Are chargers and cables for laptops/iPads kept out of view? Yes

  • Have you created a written and photographic record of any items of value (financial or sentimental)? Yes

Source: West Yorkshire Police