Amber Valley Find a Book ( Meadow Road Neighbourhood Watch Ripley)

Describe your best practice
We run a community project for sharing children’s story books.

Based on other schemes in other areas, we have packaged children’s books – 1 per pack with an accompanying note . We hide the books outside within our local area (in parks, by street signs and under benches) for children of all ages to find.

The note states ” Lucky you! Take me home, read and enjoy me then when you’ve done, repackage me with the note and remember to re-hide me for others to find.” Amber Valley Find a Book.

What did you do and why?
We set up a Facebook page called ‘Amber Valley Find a Book’ and linked it to our Neighbourhood Watch page.

On the note (which is inside the book package) is an invitation for people to upload a photo of their find, leave a positive comment about the pleasure of finding a book to read and then a pledge to re-hide the book for someone else to find.

We wanted to run a scheme purely for the children of our area to engage in and enjoy with the promise of more books to hide and find. The project engages children and families, young and old.

It creates a community and educates youngsters about the importance of sharing the joy of finding a book. It also encourages parents, siblings and family to engage in reading with their youngsters.

Duration of the project
Began September 2019 and will continue to run

What worked well?
People have really engaged and the group has been shared and followed by 140 + people currently and it’s only been running a very short time.

How did you overcome any challenges?
The unknown quantity being that we cant be sure all books are being rehidden etc but the greatest challenge is to trust that people are good spirited and will keep the scheme going with us adding in new books

How did you cover any costs?
Books have been donated to the scheme.

Which main category does this fall into?
Developing Your Watch

Force/ Borough area

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