John Hayward-Cripps


22nd January 2020

Next review due:

22nd January 2022


1.1 NWN acknowledges the connection between the climate and other environmental crises and the threat of current and future homelessness, disease, food and water shortages and poverty for millions of people around the world, as well as the major damage being caused to our natural eco-systems.

1.2 It therefore recognises its responsibility to reduce its carbon and environmental footprints and formally commits itself to be an environmentally responsible charity.

1.3 The CEO is responsible for the implementation of this policy; however, all employees have a responsibility in their areas to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

2. Policy aims:

We endeavour to:

2.1 Comply with all relevant regulatory requirements

2.2 Continually improve and monitor environmental performance

2.3 Continually improve and reduce environmental impacts

2.4 Increase employee awareness


2.5 NWN will use recycled paper wherever possible

2.6 NWN will minimise printing and photocopying of papers and documents

2.7 NWN will use re-useable products rather than paper products (cups etc) wherever possible

Energy and water

2.8 We will minimise our use of energy by ensuring all electrical items including lights are switched off when not needed or in use

Office supplies and maintenance

2.9 NWN will ask all our current and future suppliers for their environmental policies and for evidence of implementation of such policies and indicate that such performance will be used as criteria for supplier selection.

2.10 NWN will use recycled, re-usable and environmentally friendly office supplies wherever possible.

2.11 NWN will use environmentally friendly cleaning products and processes to maintain the office


2.12 NWN will give sustainable transport guidance for their staff, board and volunteers seeking to reduce unnecessary travel and making the transport that is necessary as sustainable as possible and will monitor progress regularly.

2.13 NWN will use electronic meetings where possible instead of face to face meetings.


2.14 Progress on improvement of NWN’s environmental performance will be a standard item at NWN team meetings.

2.15 All staff contracts will include a clause stating that staff will be expected to help NWN in carrying out its aim of being an environmentally responsible organisation, in how they carry out their day-to-day duties.

2.16 Induction procedures for new staff will include information on the charity’s environmental practices.

3. Review

3.1 NWN will monitor progress and update this policy annually in consultation with staff, the Board and other stakeholders where necessary.