Hambledon Park, Caterham on the Hill

Scheme information

Formerly the St Lawrence Way Neighbourhood Watch scheme but now this 'watch area' has been expanded, due to popular demand, to cover the entire "Hambledon Park" estate. There is currently a separate Watch for Bunce Drive - but happy to work together.

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Scheme coordinator

Anthony Howlett
Hello my name is Anthony Howlett. I am the Neighbourhood Watch coordinator for the Watch covering Hambledon Park (except Bunce Drive, who have their own Watch). I have lived on Hambledon Park for 20 years with my partner (and various dogs over the years). I am a keen campaigner and lobbyist - non-political (just don't like the 'nasty' politics we sometime hear and see nationally and indeed locally). In terms of Neighbourhood Watch, I fundamentally believe in establishing strong safer neighbourhoods - for the good of all. I hope that you are keen to join us in our friendly local Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Warmest regards, Anthony
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