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I wish to secure Chosen Way and Burleigh Croft area and the area at the back of my house in particular and would like us just registered and taking sensible common sense security measures and watches and displaying the Neighbourhood Watch logo in our little community. Nothing heavy duty....but if everyone joins online and via email we can coordinate something if the need arises and use the stickers and all as a deterrent. I can supply advice for people via email, no problem online and put people in the direction for cheap solid steel bolts and alarms and new locks and cameras and even put people in touch with people who work for me in installation of these things if they wish at a good price if local.

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Prof. Harvey Crichton
Professor Harvey Crichton. Part time lecturer at University of Oxford and writer and researcher and CEO of Harvey's Angels Detective Agency Ltd. and Crichton Security Services where I offer products and services as a spin off from being in the Detective business for people at good and great cost for locals. especially people within and near my address. I can help out with handyman and products for bolts and advice on security systems and locks and data about crime if needed.
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