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Knightstone Avenue, Hingeston Street , Capestone Avenue and Pitsford Street About KNW The Knightstone Neighbourhood Watch was born out of Anti social Behaviour in the Brookfield area, by talking to residents in Knightstone Avenue, Hingeston Street and Pitsford Street I found that we all desired to do something about the area we lived in. We wanted to make changes for the benefit of all members including young people in this area. We decided to join the national Neighbourhood Watch scheme with the help of our local partners and police force. This has been a highly successful venture; working together for a common goal. We have already made steps not just to reduce crime or anti-social behaviour but to improve other things as well short term solutions such as: - concrete bollards - street bins & lamp post bins - Getting the bus stop back in place and getting bus bays painted on the roads. - Bushes removed because of muggings in the area. Etc We are even thinking long term solutions and plans which involve our local partners working together year in year out for the good of the residents, which involves. - Build a bigger and better Street Party every year to combat community Sprit, We are glad that Soho ward followed our lead last year and some more community are doing street parties or parties in the park. This year the Knightstone street party which is open to all members of the Soho ward to attend will hopefully be a success again and create one more stepping stone towards community cohesion and empathy so we can live happy and healthy live's with in Soho ward.- We also plan to build on our resources so the Knightstone Neighbourhood Watch can lend other communities our equipment such has Gazebos / Generators / Radios / inflatable / Giant Games. Etc - We also work very closely with Brookfield School because the children are our future, we are in the processes of raising funds for their security lighting and see in the dark jackets for the children, we have organised a competition were all the children were invited to design the new Knightstone Neighbourhood logo. Over 150 children entered the competition. This was a success and there was three runner up prizes and one first prizes this achieved a sense of achievement and ownership of the Watch for the children and the watch got an original piece of art work for our Logo. The three above projects are on going project and have long term goals they can not be achieved through short term solutions or projects these could take a decade for real cohesion to take place in this area and we hope that we continue to receive on going support and help off our partners.

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