Lomond North Rural Watch

Scheme information

This Rural Watch encompasses farms, rural businesses and domestic properties within the Lomond North policing area. The Scheme is being coordinated by Police Scotland and is currently being rolled out. It is anticipated that an official launch of the Watch will take place in July 2013. The purpose of the scheme is to improve communication between members and the Police. Police Scotland and the Ministry of Defence Police will carry out patrols, including joint patrols to reassure the community and reduce crime in the area. The email system within the watch will be used to pass information to watch members, such emails will include information on crime in the area of the watch. This will allow members to take necessary precautions to prevent further crimes. likewise members can contact the Coordinator by email at the touch of a button. Weatherproof signage will be erected at strategic points throughout the Watch to allow visitors to be aware that although a rural area, it is managed, inhabited, Policed and cared for. This watch is supported by Neighbourhood Watch Scotland and as such many home insurance companies will offer a discount to members of such a scheme. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, its FREE and shows your support for your community.

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Scheme coordinator

Sandy Johnston (Lomond North)
This scheme is run from Helensburgh Police Office. The main area of coverage is the Lomond North area. This is a pilot scheme coordinated by Police Scotland and the Ministry of Defence Police. I would encourage rural farms, businesses and residents to join. This website has the facility to send out information to members and keep you updated with current issues.
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