Signs will advise visitors about Neighbourhood Watch town in Leicestershire

30 April 2012

Signs will go up on every approach to Melton in the next few days advising visitors and thieves alike that it is one of the county's Neighbourhood Watch towns, following the example set by Market Harborough.

Some three quarters of the market town's 400 streets now each have at least one co-ordinator, with the other 100 expected to follow suit by November.

The scheme's organiser has dubbed it the country's first Neighbourhood Watch Town after discovering it has the largest number of streets covered by postcode anywhere in the country.

Retired businessman Eric Tindall, 63, relaunched the town's Neighbourhood Watch scheme two years ago.

Since then he's recruited co-ordinators covering 300 streets.

He said: "I've not found any other postcode in the UK with a higher saturation of Neighbourhood Watch members.

"We've helped reunite people with items they've had stolen, reported rogue scrap men who have been interviewed by the police and worked with trading standards over bogus clothing collectors."

"The message to criminals is if you come to Melton there will be more people looking out for you carrying out criminal activities than any other town in the UK."

The scheme is on Twitter and Facebook, and information is available via e-mail and phone using the Neighbourhood Alert system which is free for any resident to join, see the details for registration below.

Melton police commander, Inspector John Gray, said: "I think Eric has done a fantastic job. Through the scheme, we are able to get messages out to a large number of people."

The yellow signs will go up on all 13 approach roads to the town in the next few days.

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