Logo Licence Guidelines

Below are the temporary logo licence application forms and our brand guidelines. Please ensure you read them carefully before making an application.

Who can apply for a temporary licence?

Only Neighbourhood Watch Force Level Associations who have a constitution and an active committee – or a NW steering group working with police and/or PCC’s that as a group are actively working towards the development of a NW Force Level Association.

The purpose of the temporary licence is to be able to commission the design and printing of local leaflets, merchandise and signs. The temporary licence can be revoked at any time with the licence holder being requested to apply for a permanent licence.

Temporary licence holders will not be able to sub-licence the logo to other local associations or schemes. Therefore the logo must be kept in the possession of the Association and not forwarded on to others. This must be clearly communicated across your force level, in order to prevent the likelihood that others will start using it without a licence.

Please note that NHWN is currently working on producing new window stickers and a new Members’ Guide which will be available in the new branding for National Neighbourhood Watch Week 2016, courtesy of the Cooperative Insurance.

Supplier Guidelines

If you are a supplier who produces NHWN merchandise and signs you will still be able to produce merchandise with the old logo on but only when commissioned by a NW member or recognised partner. However only Licenced Print Suppliers will be able to accept commissions from a new logo licence holder. On request for commissions for any merchandise/printing with the new logo on it (including signs) you must ask for their licence reference number and you must retain a record of it on the order sheet, invoice etc.

An application to be a Licenced Print Supplier attracts an initial administration charge and fee of £595 (plus VAT) with an annual fee of £495 (plus VAT) payable in advance each sequential year.